The 80’s.

A damn great decade to experience. Some were born into it, some lived thru it but no one forgot about it. It was the perfect storm for music. The first British wave hit in the sixties with the Beatles. The 70’s had arena rock, then disco and it came and went. Then in 1979 the new wave of British metal stormed the States but this time it was a whole different sound. The bands were turning their amps up to 11 (See Spinal Tap).

When the LA bands got wind of the new sound, they ran with it and out of it came a new look and a new sound was born. “Metal”. Gone were the long 15 minute jam band songs. With the birth of MTV and music videos bands started writing great rock song anthems with screaming vocals, and two guitar attacks. Guys grew their hair long and raided their girlfriends wardrobe and make-up kits. That my friends, is Eight Ball. We’re not a tribute band.

We’re not a cover band. We are a rock band that knows how to rock those songs out as well as write our own anthems! As the circus barker says to the gathering crowd ” Step right up! Step right up right now! Ladies and Gents, A marvel that all your eyes and ears must behold, I give you “EightBall”.